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Slip Ring With Customized Performance For Tidal Turbine
ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 03, 2020

The tidal turbine resembles the winder turbine, so you may think that the slip ring used in the tidal turbine also is similar to the wind turbine slip ring. Considering the tidal turbine ByTune has supplied for our global customers, there are still some differences between these two products! As an experienced turbine slip ring manufacturer, we would like to share the knowledge with you!

The water is about 800 times denser than air, so tidal turbines have to be much sturdier and heavier than wind turbines. There are two ways to install tidal turbines. One is gravity installation, which is to add the steel of about 250 tons at the bottom. The other is a single-tower installation, which is fixing the turbine is inserted into the seafloor after piling. According to the special installation environment of the tidal turbine, the slip ring is required equipping some special performance such as the excellent seal performance and humidity resistance! ByTune slip ring IP grade up reach IP65, having more critical needs, you can still talk to ByTune engineering team!

ByTune tidal turbine slip ring customizing The different power specifications of the turbine generator set require the slip ring customized with different current and voltage! ByTune's slip ring current customization range from mA~2000A and the voltage options includes 240V,380V, 600V, etc. Therefore you can feel free to choose the customized electric performance in the ByTune slip ring based on the turbine generator set specific!

Welcome to consult ByTune staff for further details of our slip ring with customized performances for tidal turbines! Hoping we can help you indeed!

ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd


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