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Enclosed Electric Thru-Bore Slip Rings Dispatched To Korea
ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 20, 2020

Enclosed electric thru-bore slip rings is ByTune's main and hot product, ByTune manufactures standard thru-bore slip ring and develops novel enclosed electric slip rings in a large number for over 100 counties and areas! This product is especially customized basing on ByTune standard product BTH0932 series and combined with the Korea customer's specific requirements! And now these product have been dispatched to our Korea customer!


Customizing Factors

1. Excellent shielding layer with expert shielding wire. Different from our standard product lead wire designing, ByTune engineer chose the special 00105 cables for excellent shielding performance!

2. Especial connector designing. In general, the slip rings connects the device with the connector of rotor and stator lead wire. This product's stator connector is not a simple one but has been redesigned especially as the product picture showing!

customization slip rings

Counting on ByTune, we are an experienced and mature slip ring innovation manufacture in enclosed electric thru-bore slip rings and others. Having similar customizing needs like our this Korea customer product or other product customizing project needs, all can consult ByTune staff! 

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