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Electric Brush Slip Ring With “Gold To Gold Contacting”
ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2020

Electric brush slip ring, namely is the separate slip ring, a main series of ByTune slip ring product. What's the "gold to gold contacting"? It is a feature and technical designing for better performance. This series slip ring has two models, and the main difference is in the rotor parts! ByTune staff will simply explain some information for these two models, and hoping will help you indeed!

Below picture obviously shows that the copper ring and the brushes of ByTune product are with gold to gold contacting! And what are the benefits of such contacting? First one is more reliable than the contacting between ordinary metal brushes and copper rings. Then it is still more stable to receive and transmit weak current signals. What's more, enhancing the anti-oxidation wear resistance performance, prolonging the service life!

separate slip ring with electric brush

The main difference is the installation method. The installation design of the slip ring rotor in the left product is hollow and can be installed on mechanical equipment with a rotating shaft. Oppositely the solid slip ring rotor of the right product is suitable for installation equipment without rotating shaft! For the two installations of this type of slip ring, different sizes can be customized. The hole diameter of the hollow shaft installation can be flexibly customized, so does the outside diameter of the solid rotor.

separate slip ring installation

Further electric brush slip ring product details or customization information needs, directly emailing to ByTune staff! Expert 360-degree rotating suggestion and solution free offered for you!

ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd


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