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ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd

Manufacture Factory :

Add: A5 building , Songbai RD 3055 , Gongming Street, Guangming district,  ZhenZhen, 518100,China

Tel: 0755-27765981

Fax: 0755-8529 6631

Engineering: support@btslipring.com


Sales Office:

Working hours in China: +86-755-2350 3855

Non-working hours in China: +86-755-2964 2158

Mobile: 136 9981 8780

Add:6th Floor, C building, New generation ;Hi-tech Park,28 district, Bao'an, ShenZhen,518125,China

Sales: sales@btslipring.com

Facebook: slipring1@hotmail.com

Twitter: btslipring



US Office:


US Atlanta

Canada Edmonton

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is  ByTune Electronics?
ByTune Electronics is a 
government supporting,Hi-Tech,private enterprise,with ~200 employees,20,000 Square feet factory and 2,500 square feet RD & sales office.

ByTune Solgan:  Effectively, Economically ,Flexibly selttle down your 360° rotarting problem.


2. What does ByTune do?
ByTune  Electronics  is focused in developing,designing,manufacturing slip rings nearly 20 years, we supply
 slip rings  and  rotary solutions.
And ByTune is equipped with CNC machines and Lathe, Milling, Drilling,Grinding,Punching,Bending machines etc,ByTune supplies quality machine parts as well.


3. What is ByTune's ability and production capacity?
Our factory has up to date auto production line,R&D center,advanced Laboratory and precise testing facilities
We offer standard slip rings and customized solutions for various applications .
We supply machine parts in very wide applications,especially in military area.


4. What is ByTune advantages?
Prompt  response and delivery;
Competitive price
Quality guaranteed
Superior after-service
Flexible solution

5. Why choose ByTune slip rings or machine parts?
We are ISO9001 certified company with strict quality control system.
- Test equipment are advanced and reliable.
- Military standard
- Long life - span .
- competitive price with quality guaranteed
- Superior after-service

6. Whom with ByTune?
We are cooperating and growing with customers in difference industries. Such as US Emerson, Germany GE, UK Cobham, US Harvard university, China &US ESAB…
Our expertise  meet various requirements and standards as well as in military specification.

7. What is slip rings and machine parts delivery time?
1 week ARO for standards.

8.How do I place an order?
Tel: +86- 755- 2964 2158
Fax: +86-755-2350-3885
For samples,  formal PO is not necessary, tell us your  quantity and part number , and show your company information for our PI preparation, then payment as per PI, then manufacture and shipment!
For batch production, E- PDF order by email is necessary.
 Confirming drawing(if not standard)→PO(by client) → PI (by supplier) → payment(basing on PI) 
Procession → Shipment and show customer AWB#  → Purchasing finish.

9. What are your payment options and payment term?
T/T , Western Union or Paypal  with PO. If the amount is more than 10K USD, down-payment is accetpable.

 10. What is your return policy?

All standard slip rings and machine parts can be returned without being installed ( NG happens during shipment).  
If the slip rings and machine parts in considered nonstandard, we have a non-cancellable / non-returnable policy, you will be notified while purchase if the unit is nc/nr. And quality is guaranteed within 1  month  at proper installing  and working condition.

11 . What signals could be transferred by ByTune's slip rings? Is Multi-signal compatible ?
Yes, it is compatible and the signal  is very wide, such as USB, CC-link, Device-net, Can-bus , Gigabit Ethernet, RS232, RS485, thermocouple, Servo, HDMI ,Vedio etc.

12. What is the voltage & current range of the slip ring?
Normally, It is mV ~600V & 0~4000A.

13. What is the through bore slip ring ID range?
     3mm to 1200mm. Could be customized.

 14. What  is the typical applications  of  ByTune's  slip rings?

Packaging/wrapping machinery
Agriculture equipment
Satellite & Sea Antenna
Electrical test equipment       
Manufacturing and process control equipment 
Indexing table/ Total Station  
CCTV Pan & Tilt camera mounts
Robotics, rotary sensors, urgent illumination equipment
Exhibit &.display equipment/
Aviation, military, instrument, medical equipment
Mini-type wire-rolling machine
Closed-circuit control
Wind turbine generator
LED equipment
Steering wheel racing simulation



ByTune Electronics Co.,Ltd


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