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ByTune 3G HD/SDI Video Electric Slip Rings

ByTune 3G HD/SDI Video Electric Slip Rings

ByTune Slip Rings can 360°continuous rotation, transmit gigabit Ethernet signal and integrate USB,HDMI,3G HD/SDI Video and other information. Our electrical transmission slip rings are small & compact design and stainless steel ball bearing.Aluminum alloy as the external material, with low electrical noise for high data rate field bus transmission, low contact pressure for long lifetime. This model adopts flanged structure for flexible installation.

Product Details

ByTune 3G HD/SDI Video Electric Slip Rings

With many years experience and a deep knowledge of 3G HD/SDI Video Electric Slip Rings,ByTune engineering team can offer electric slip rings utilizing proven technology for long lasting, high quality rotary transmission of electrical signal and power.We supply wide range slip rings and provide 360°rotary solutions.Our high quality customized slip rings meets the need for Security Monitoring Systems,VR and other 3G HD/SDI Video transmission equipment.ByTune can design electrical slip ring products to meet your exact requirements.

Quick DetailsHD-SDI electric slip rings.jpg

●Outer diameter: 22 mm

●Number of Circuits:2-24 for power transmission 

                                 2-48 for signal transmission

                                1 channel for HD-SDI transmission

●Work Temperature:-30℃~+80℃

●Wire: Waterproof, Withstand pressure and shockproof

●Stainless steel ball bearing

●RG 179 coaxial cable for 3G HD/SDI Video




Frequency Rate


Insertion Loss

0.65dB/1GHz Max

Insertion Loss Typical


Return Loss

18 dB/1GHz Max

Input & Output




Volt Standing Wave Ratio VSWR


Wave Ratio Typical



75 ohms

Working Life

800 million Revs

Rating Current

DC1A Max

Voltage Rating


Insulation Resistance


Dielectric Strength


▼Typical Applicationsslip rings for VR.jpg

Virtual Reality technology(VR)

HD Security Monitoring Systems

Film Equipment

HD Camera Cradle

Military UAV Pod

Self-Driving Car Project

Television Camera Technology

▼100% Quality Test—ByTune High Quality Product

Friction Test

Temperature Test

High Voltage Test

High Pressure / Vacuum Test

Humidity Test

Frequency Test

Lifetime Test

Protection Degree Test

Vibration / Shock Test

Insulation Test

Torque Test

Contact Resistance Test

Large Current Test

Salt Spray Test

Load Test

Electrical Noise Test


Q1:What is the 3G HD/SDI Video slip rings' advantage?

1.Extremely low electrical noise

2.Low Contact Resistance

3.Maintenance Free

4.Long life span

5.Combined 3G HD/SDI Video Power Signal Transmission

6.Reliable power and signal transfer capabilities,etc.

Q2: What signals could be transferred by your slip rings? Is Multi-signal compatible ?

A: Yes, it is compatible and the signal is very wide, such as USB, CC-link, Device-net, Can-bus , Gigabit Ethernet, RS232, RS485, thermocouple, Servo, HDMI etc.

Q3:Who do you partner with?

Harvard University,Cobham Group,ESAB Automation,Mercedes-Benz,Emerson,Bosch,India GE.etc


▼Contact us

ByTune is an exclusive and expert designer and manufacturer of slip ring with more than 20 years experience.Our engineering team is professional and sophisticate which can provide the OEM and ODM services for every single customer in various industries. If you have specific customized requirements about 3G HD/SDI Video Electric Slip Rings, please feel free to consult us in order to create the most suitable recommendation for your specification.

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